NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail: Adirondack Big, Small + Turkey Hunting
NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail
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NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail
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Adirondack Hunting Big, Small, Turkey + Duck

Anything north of NY 29- Broadalbin-Johnstown-Rockwood is Northern Zone. This includes the whole Adk. Park
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Get ready for the Spring 2018 Turkey hunting season. all of May throughout NY State.There are a a lot of changes, like higher license fees and changes in WMU - wildlife management area zone boundaries.. Remember, in the Adirondacks only there's one turkey bag limit for Fall season
Northern Zone regular gun deer season begins 10/25 and goes to 12/7, the same as the bear season. Archery starts on 9/27 and ends 10/24. Muzzle loading deer starts on 10/18 - 10/24 in the Northern Zone. In the parts of the Northern Zone bordering Lake Champlain and the St. Lawrence, there is an additional muzzle loading season from 12/8 - 12/14. Except in one small zone in the SW 'Daks, you can shoot either male or female with muzzle loaders..
Southern Zone: BOW 10/1 - 11/15 AND 12/9 - 12/17; GUN 11/16 - 12/8

rifle deer hunting muzzleloading deer hunting

NOTE: LEGALY ANTLERED DEER = A legally antlered deer must have at least one antler that is three inches or longer.

BEAR (Adirondack Only): Same as Deer Adults only!
Small Game Bird season, pheasants and turkeys, begin on October 1. Check out Small Game Regs for all the various season and limits and other good stuff.
Fall + Spring Turkey Season All of May 2018 Check out Turkey Game Regs for all the various season and limits and other good stuff.
  • Spring: 2 bearded(male) bird limit
  • All of NY State North of Bronx County
  • Shotgun only, #2 - #8 bird shot
  • Need turkey tags on top of small game license
  • Fill out the tag immediately after taking
  • Hours: a half an hour b4 sunrise to noon
turkeys from the nwtf.org

The Adirondacks is home to some of the most challenging hunting in America. In the past, Adirondack hunting camps like Whitehouse were famous. There are less deer than the more agricultural parts of the state, but they are a wily prey to hunt in the dense brush and swamps of the wilderness areas and are fairly plentiful lately. The Adirondacks is completely in the Northern - Rifle Zone of the hunting regulations, with the early, mid-October deer season. Unfortunately, there are no doe permits in the Adirondacks. But there are two black powder rifles seasons, before and after the regular gun season. Besides the much smaller Catskill and Allegheny Parks, it is the only place open for black bear hunting in New York State, state residents only. Moose is making a comeback and may be opened to limited hunting. The biggest success story is the wild turkey, which was re-introduced twenty years ago and is now a big sport. But you can only take one bird in the fall in the Northern Zone.

In the past, muzzle loaders could only use a round ball and open sights. Also, a shotgun was defined as a smoothbore long arm. Now, most black powder rifles are modern in-line designs and you can use a bullet and telescopic sights. Telescopic sights are not permitted during the special deer muzzle loader-only seasons. You can now legally use rifled barrels on shotguns. Legal deer hunting shotguns have been redefined as any gun, 20 gauge or larger, firing a mostly plastic shell. Rifled shotgun barrels are legal for deer in both shotgun and rifle zones. Shotguns and rifles must have a 20" or longer barrel, 20 ga. and larger for shotguns, and 44 cal. minimum for muzzle. Any centerfire rifle cartridge is legal, but anything under 6mm is no good for deer or bear, especially in the dense brush. The favorite Adirondack rifles are lever actions 30-30, 32 Win. and 35 Rem, larger is better. They are small & light, easy to swing in the brush and quick on the reload. Long range shots are rare, except on the Northern plateau or a farm. Think real big guns for bear, like 12 & 10 gauge slugs or 8mm and bigger magnums.

Migratory Wildfowl
  • Need Federal duck stamp on your small game permit; from a post office.
  • You must register, by phone or net, with NYS Harvest Info Program, HIP
    call 888-427-5447 or go to http://www.wetland.net/, and carry the confirmation number with you when hunting.
  • Duck Stamp are available at US Post Offices. NY State Post Offices
  • Non-toxic shoot only or no lead shot
  • Can't use live birds as decoys.
  • Three shot total capacity on your shotgun, 2 in mag, 1 in chamber.
  • Boats must be drifting or still, no motors or sails when shooting.
  • The 'Daks is in the NE Duck Zone
ducks in flight
NOTE: (1) The following hunting season dates will not be final until federal regulations have been adopted in late summer. Be sure to check the final regulations before going hunting; and (2) You must register with HIP to hunt any of these species.

Species Western Northeast Lake Champlain
Youth Days b Oct 4 & 5 Sept 20 & 21 Sept 27 & 28
Ducks, Coots,
Oct 18 - Dec 2
Dec 27 - Jan 9
Oct 4 - Oct 19
Nov 1 - Dec 14
Oct 8 - Oct 12
Oct 25 - Dec 18
Sea Ducks same as above same as above same as above
Snow Geese Oct 1 - Apr 15 Oct 1 - Apr 15 Oct 1 - Dec 29
Jan 16 - Apr 15
Brant Oct 11 - Nov 9 Oct 4 - Nov 2 Oct 8 - Nov 6
Canada Goose
see map for Canada Goose Seasons
Firearm Selection Tips for Newbies
  • Stay with a common caliber, like .308, 30-30, .270. You don't need high powered rounds or fancy, hard to find high priced ammo. 30-30 Winchester is the cheapest centerfire rifle round.
  • Shotguns are the ultimate in multipurpose use, the best for defense and are safer because of shorter range. Stick with 12 ga for maximum variety of guns and ammo.
  • Stick with common gun patterns and brands unless you really like to be odd.
  • Sight your gun in before you go afield, and know how to strip it down and clean it.
  • Scopes are good, but have open sights too, in case of scope problems.
  • Keep your piece lubed but go light on the oil
  • Loaded guns in cars or other motor vehicles, including motor boats, is a big no no and a crime.
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Hunting Page
Adirondack Forums Discussion BB for Hunting & Fishing

Simple Rules for Hunting and Safe Firearm Use:

responsible firearms use sign
Participating Establishments
518 Area Code 315 Area Code West of Tupper Lake