NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail: Snowshoeing
NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail
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NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail
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Snowshoeing in the mountains

Snowshoeing is an ancient way of winter travel. But instead of the wood & thong beaver-tail stereotype of a shoe, today's shoes are made of aluminum and tough synthetic fabrics and often have crampons, or spikes built into the bindings. They are manufactured locally, in the Adirondack Parks itself.

Licensed guides, professionals, are there to escort the neophyte into the trackless, snowbound wilderness areas. With -25F temperatures and 10' of snow possible, think pro if you're a novice! There is nothing like being in a snow filled spruce forest, on a bright winter afternoon, with just you and your party; just like a beautiful X-Mas card but real.

Caution: Think hypothermia. Wear wool, it will always be warm. Bring back-up sweater, blanket, socks, hat and mitts. Bring some food like candy bars or canned lunch meats: sugar and fats will keep you warm. Carry lighters and fire starters. Carry cell phone and gps, or at least a compass and a topo map. Don't go it alone. More is safer! Bring binding small parts just in case!

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Did you know? Raquette is French for snowshoe