NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail: Auto Service; Towing and Recovery & Sales
NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail
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Now Over 3 Years Old, Best Road in NY State!
NY Route 3: The Olympic Trail
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Auto Service, Sales, Towing + Recovery

I used to do a lot of this work myself and maybe I will go back. Here are my auto service, sales, towing and recovery customers. You can give these folks your business in confidence.

Towing and Recovery

Bart's Parts

Towing & Recovery Truck, Diesel Engine & Trailer Parts

265 US Route 11, Champlain NY 12919
Repairs, Towing and Recovery, all vehicles large and small, on or off the Northway from Keysville to the Canadian Border
Welding, logging equipment, heavy truck repair
We come ready to fix or tow anything!
Phone 1: 518-297-5270 | Phone 2: 802-868-5270
Truck, Diesel Engine and Trailer Parts

General Auto Repair & Sales